Our Mission

The mission of the Johnson Institute is to enhance professional and institutional ethics and accountability in public leadership.  We accomplish this mission through an integrated portfolio of programs including:

Teaching: The Johnson Institute works with GSPIA and University faculty to integrate teaching of ethics and accountability across the curriculum. Research: The Johnson Institute generates new and usable knowledge on issues of ethics and accountability in public service. Outreach: The Johnson Institute promotes discussion and debate on timely public policy issues that involve ethical behavior and accountable leadership in the public sector.

These three aspects of the Johnson Institute mission work in concert to enhance the quality of public leadership in government, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organizations in the United States and abroad.

Our Values

The work of the Johnson Institute is guided by several overarching values including:

  • a commitment to be fully accessible to citizens, public service professionals, scholars, and students;
  • a commitment to address emerging issues of ethics and accountability that do not conform to traditional jurisdictional, national, or political boundaries;
  • a commitment to encourage and facilitate collaborative activities, actively seeking partnerships with other centers of expertise and adding value based on our own comparative advantages.

Our Vision

We envision having a direct and meaningful impact on the quality of leadership in public and private institutions. Further, we envision being recognized as a premiere center for teaching, research, and community service focused on the topic of ethics, accountability, and responsible leadership in public life.

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
3917 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260