Mayor Bill Peduto, 2014 Emerging Leader Award

The Johnston Institute for Responsible Leadership recently honored Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, MPPM ’11, with the 2014 Emerging Leader Award. The annual award is granted to an outstanding leader who has demonstrated efforts to embark on a new and promising trajectory. 

“We want to recognize leaders who are shaping the future, who are on the vanguard of innovation and effectiveness in public service,” said Kevin Kearns, GSPIA Professor and Director of the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership. “Bill Peduto has already had a distinguished career in public sector leadership, but he is embarking on a new chapter in his career and charting an exciting new vision for the City of Pittsburgh. We are delighted to recognize both his past accomplishments and his future promise as a significant leader in our region.” 

Peduto began by discussing his entrance into politics stemming from his love of history. “I knew very early on in life that I had this strong pull to government,” he said.  Speaking of more current matters, in his acceptance address, Mayor Peduto noted that “this city is going to take off in ways that we’ve never dreamt about” and that he “is here to figure out how we keep moving forward.” Yet in order to achieve continuing growth and development there is a need to connect certain parts of the city that seem to be slipping through the cracks. The only way to achieve this type of inclusive strategy is through public involvement, which Mayor Peduto noted has been hampered by a popular perception that Pittsburgh is only or can only be a second-tier city. “We’ve become so fixated that we have subpar everything, when in fact we don’t.” Following this theme, Peduto is optimistic regarding the future of the city and noted that its size—sometimes regarded as a weakness where growth is concerned—is actually an advantage; “we have the ability to build this fantastic city and it’s small enough to do it,” he said.

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
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