Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder of Ashoka

Bill Drayton is founder and CEO of Ashoka, an organization dedicated to fostering social entrepreneurship around the world. After graduating from Yale Law School, Drayton worked as a McKinsey consultant and later as an Assistant Administrator at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, representing the environment in policy development. Drayton was involved in introducing emissions trading and economic incentives to speed up compliance. After his term at the E.P.A., Drayton founded Save E.P.A., which worked to block destructive policies during the Reagan administration. Drayton also taught at both Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Stanford Law School. In 1984, he was unexpectedly elected a MacArthur Fellow and was able to fully devote himself to Ashoka. Ashoka Fellows now number around 3,000 all over the world. Their projects range from electrification of rural areas in Brazil, creating microcredit projects, to health initiatives, among many others. According to Drayton, more than 50 percent of fellows change national policy and institutions within five years of their selection. Drayton is also currently chair of Community Greens, Youth Venture, and Get America Working! Drayton holds a B.A. degree from Harvard, a J.D. from Yale and an M.A. from Oxford University.

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