Sandra Taylor, CEO, Sustainable Business International LLC

Each year, the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership honors an individual whose leadership exemplifies the Institute’s values—effectiveness, integrity, and accountability—in some form of public service. This year’s recipient is SANDRA TAYLOR, president and CEO of Sustainable Business International LLC, a private consulting firm on issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility that she launched in 2008. KEVIN KEARNS, director of the Johnson Institute, presented the award to Sandra during a ceremony at the O’Hara Student Center in Oakland in March. Taylor has exemplified the Institute’s core values of integrity and accountability in a variety of leadership positions spanning government, industry, and the nonprofit sector. She was formerly senior vice president for corporate social responsibility at Starbucks, where she led a variety of high-profile sustainability initiatives in the United States and around the world. She held comparable positions at Eastman Kodak and ICI Americas. As senior director of La Pietra Coalition, she worked closely with Hillary Clinton to develop the first Women’s Economic Opportunity Index that rates 113 countries on their provision of economic opportunities to women. She began her career in the state department as a foreign service officer. Taylor received a bachelor’s degree in French from Colorado Women’s College and earned her law degree from Boston University School of Law. She was recently granted an MBA in wine management from the Bordeaux School of Management in France. 

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