By Chris Gursky

Several GSPIA LPP students attended a lecture by Robert S. Mueller III, former Director of the FBI on November 19th, 2014 presented as a part of the Robert Morris University Speaker Series at Heinz Hall. Throughout his talk, Mueller toed the line between somber discussions of past and present security threats and more light-hearted jests about his personal life.

Sandra Taylor, executive director of Sustainable Business International, has been named the recipient of The Johnson Institute's Exemplary Leadership Award.

Dean’s Award Winner, Eamonn Berry (MPIA, 14), explains how he took advantage of GSPIA’s reputation and networking opportunities to gain professional experience. Mr. Berry is a business operations and implementation analysts for Maximus, a healthcare service delivery company, headquartered in Reston, VA. Listen to his story at

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership annual report features the teaching, research, and ongoing public service efforts of the Institute.  This year’s annual report recognizes two local leaders that exemplify the mission and values of the Johnson Institute: Founder and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation Bill Strickland and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

by: Julianne Norman

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership honored William E. Strickland with its Exemplary Leader Award at the University Club on March 21.  "Each year we honor a leader in the public sphere who exemplifies the core values of the Johnson Institute-integrity, accountability, vision, and effectiveness in public service," said Kevin Kearns, Professor and Director of the Johnson Institute.  A selection committee composed of leaders from the nonprofit community and university faculty delineates the criteria for the award each year, and identifies potential recipients.  Previous award winners include an admiral from the U.S. Coast Guard, an FBI agent who was a Time Magazine Person of the Year, and University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. 

by: Alex Jendrek

The Johnston Institute for Responsible Leadership recently honored Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, MPPM ’11, with the 2014 Emerging Leader Award. The annual award is granted to an outstanding leader who has demonstrated efforts to embark on a new and promising trajectory.

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership will honor Bill Strickland, CEO and Founder of the Manchester Bidwell Corp. at 3:30 p.m., March 21 in Ballroom B of the University Club.

By Rebecca Young (MID '14)

Marina Duane (MID ’13) and Johnson Institute Leadership Portfolio Program alumna spoke to students, faculty and guests about the recent developments in her native country, Ukraine. Her presentation “Why Ukraine Matters,” examined the history and events that led up to the current conflict and offered an insider’s perspective on the country’s political unrest.  

Professor Kevin Kearns' Consulting in Nonprofit Organizations class provides students with the opportunity to help local nonprofit organizations improve their operations and performance in serving community needs. Reporter Marty Levine recently interviewed Professor Kearns for today's Pop City feature.

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