Redefining Privacy in the Information Age: Policy Problems and Prospects by Professor Lisa Nelson, deals with the challenges of information privacy. Click here to view the report.
Social Return on Investment-Measuring Social Impact on Nonprofit Organizations by Professor Sabina Deitrick and GSPIA doctoral student Katy Collins deals with social return on investment, an emerging tool for placing economic value on the work of nonprofit organizations. Click here to view the report.

Initial research exploring how nonprofit leaders evaluate funding sources by the Johnson Institute led to a recently published article in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. The article, “How Nonprofit leaders Evaluate Funding Sources: An Exploratory Study of Nonprofit Leaders,” assesses how nonprofit CEOs and board chairs “employ a strategic perspective in their evaluation of funding sources.” The article is co-authored by the Johnson Institute’s Director, Kevin Kearns, David Bell, Bobbi Deem and Lydia McShane. Read more.

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