Past Research

Research Activities 2004-2010

Doctoral Research Videoconference, October 2010, Co-hosted with Case Western University

Doctoral students from GSPIA and from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case presented papers dealing with ethics and leadership.  Faculty from each school responded to the papers.  This event was an excellent use of GSPIA’s new videoconference facilities, allowing us to continue a three year tradition of sharing doctoral work with colleagues at Case Western.

Workshop on Information Privacy and Ethics, October 2009

Personal information is used by commercial and governmental organizations to a variety of ends and in a number of different settings, raising important questions about ethics and accountability in the access, use, and control of personal information. The escalating reliance on personal information not only challenges long standing demarcations between public and private institutions in terms of responsibilities, obligations, and limits, but also calls for a reconsideration of how to ensure the protection of cherished democratic values and ethical principles.  

Working under the guidance of Professor Lisa Nelson, the Johnson Institute in October convened a weekend workshop involving ten of the finest scholars in the world who have been actively researching the many questions and issues surrounding information privacy and ethics.  The aim of the workshop was to analyze and propose standards and principles for the use of personal information and information technology. Plans are underway to produce a major scholarly publication based on the ideas that originated in the October workshop.

Student Research 2009

The Johnson Institute provided partial funding for three GSPIA students to undertake dissertation research or internships dealing with the topic of accountability, ethics, transparency, or leadership.

The Johnson Institute provided partial funding to support Anne Marie Toccket and Katie Muller ‘s travel to Nicaragua to study the social return on investment of a nonprofit organization called Building New Hope.  This organization combats poverty by promoting fair trade coffee and other sustainable farming initiatives.  The Johnson Institute also provided partial funding to Brandon Boylan who travelled to Northern Ireland for a conference on violent political conflict and to Peace Medie for her dissertation research in Liberia on governmental response to gender-based violence in post-conflict states.

Combining Practice and Theory to Improve Nonprofit Accountability and Governance, April 2009, Co-sponsored with Case Western Reserve University

This forum took place at Case Western Reserve and featured presentations of research conducted by two of our doctoral students and two students from Case Western.

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