The Johnson Institute strives to improve the understanding of ethics and leadership in public service for University of Pittsburgh students and faculty. We are also committed to enhancing the ability of public officials in the U.S. and abroad to apply principles of ethical reasoning in public policy and management. Our teaching mission was advanced through the following programs:

Leadership Portfolio Program

The Leadership Portfolio Program (LPP), the distinctive Johnson Institute leadership development program for a select group of highly motivated and talented GSPIA students, has attracted external support from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and the Massey Charitable Trust. We are now assisting other organizations with the replication of this successful program.  Some of the highlights of the LPP this year are:

  • Recruitment of nonprofit organizations that have invited LPP students to serve on their board of directors, and of community leaders who serve as mentors to the LPP participants
  • Meetings with distinguished leaders including Mark Nordenberg, University of Pittsburgh Chancellor; Mary Hines, President of Carlow University; Agnus Berenato, Head Pitt Women’s Basketball Coach; Darell Hammond, Founder and CEO of KaBoom!; John Prendergast, human rights advocate; Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO of ASHOKA; and William Strickland, President and CEO of the Manchester Craftsmen Guild
  • A full curriculum of activities for the LPP students including leadership seminars, professional development workshops, book discussions, and community events

A generous award from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation validates the LPP as an innovative and increasingly important part of GSPIA’s outreach and educational strategy. This summer we will continue our research into the results and impact of this program on its participants.

Executive Leadership Seminars

The Johnson Institute is primarily interested in leadership development focusing on students at the University of Pittsburgh.  But we also have a timely opportunity to enhance the leadership skills and practices of experienced professionals who are already in leadership positions in government, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

The Johnson Institute holds executive trainings for cohorts of leaders from Nigeria twice a year on Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Governance.  Courses include:

•    Leadership and Accountability
•    Leadership in Practice
•    Leadership and Ethical Decision Making
•    Intelligent Mentoring
•    Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Corporate Compliance
•    Leadership and Strategy
•    Managing in a Crisis
•    Leadership of Social Change
•    International Corporate Governance
•    Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Performance

The Johnson Institute would welcome the opportunity to work with other professional groups with their excellent curriculum and faculty. Contact us to discuss how the above topics can be tailored and customized for your organization.

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
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